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Hero image for Split Enz - New Faces

Split Enz - New Faces

Television (Full Length) – 1973

I think we thought we were bound to win, that we were bound for glory ... but it was in a very naive sort of way.
– Tim Finn
We kind of knew it was a bit of a corny old competition, but it was the only way to get on TV. We had to start, we had to put our toes in, and get involved with the world of showbiz to some extent ...
– Tim Finn
I remember so clearly watching New Faces in the living room 1973, black and white TV, Tim singing '129' with Phil strumming the mandolin. It was remarkable that one of our family was on TV but it sounded amazing, still does. One of the judges thought it was too clever. I thought ‘what an idiot’.
– Neil Finn
[Judge Justin] du Fresne favoured the Bulldogs [All Stars Goodtime Band] because he felt they had wider appeal as a television act. Lyn Bremner was in the same camp, Ray Columbus was firmly in favour of Split Enz and promoter Phil Warren was wavering between the two.
– Justin du Fresne recalls the split among the judges over who should win, The Evening Post, March 1993