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Steel Riders

Television (Full Length) – 1987

Joining the 1980s boom of childrens adventure stories, Steel Riders follows a group of underdog kids embroiled in a mysterious robbery. The eight-part series was consolidated into these twin TV movies, which offer everything you'd expect from the genre — a BMX gang, cursed artefacts, a masked villain on a motorbike, and plenty of bass guitar lines to indicate trouble is afoot. Aided by a gang of BMX-riding boys, Sandra battles a mysterious criminal mastermind and his helmet-clad henchman The Spook.  Writer Ken Catran has scripted many kids TV dramas, including Children of the Dog Star and horse tale Star Runner.  

Dear police. If you read this, punch in the last three letters of your access code to find out about the emeralds.
– Sandra (Josie Vendramini) leaves a message to the police on the home computer

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Josie Vendramini

Josie Vendramini

As: Sandra Mitchell

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John Gibson


Generic Profile image for Neha Belton

Neha Belton

As: Gary Hohepa

Generic Profile image for Fraser Stephen-Smith

Fraser Stephen-Smith

As: Mike Mitchell

Profile image for Ken Catran

Ken Catran


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Wayne Tourell


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