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Stranded Pearl

Film (Trailer) – 2020

Feature film Stranded Pearl offers a Cook Islands take on the lost at sea story. After a storm leaves Julia (Australian Kristy Wright of Home and Away fame) stranded on an island, she must learn to cooperate with the only other person there, a quiet man called Sid (Aunanda Naaido, Curry Munchers). Unbeknown to Julia, Sid is on the run from New Zealand police. The romantic adventure flick was shot in Rarotonga, and features appearances by veteran actors Rawiri Paratene and Ray Woolf. Actor Naaido also produced Stranded Pearl, while on a break from his day job as a chief financial officer in Rarotonga.

Great, I'm stuck here with a mute.
– A frustrated Julia (Kristy Wright) after Sid (Aunanda Naaido) refuses to talk

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Rawiri Paratene

Rawiri Paratene

As: William

Generic Profile image for Aunanda Naaido

Aunanda Naaido

Producer, As: Sid

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Ray Woolf

As: Trevor

Generic Profile image for Karl Schodt

Karl Schodt


Generic Profile image for Kristy Wright

Kristy Wright

As: Julia

Generic Profile image for Ken Khan

Ken Khan

Director, Editor

See all 19 credits

Produced by

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Mahayana Films