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Strangers - Full Series

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 1989

It’s a complicated, convoluted story with all sorts of twists and turns. When the children start piecing things together they find a somewhat intricate arrangement of people who are not quite what they seem to be.
– Producer Chris Bailey
I've learnt to work with television people. But my whole family is deaf ... at home I feel normal but on the set I am among hearing people and realise I am deaf.
– Actor Sonia Pivac, in the Strangers press kit
The man didn’t look awful or anything but he looked as though he could suddenly get awful.
– Morgan (Hamish McFarlane) describes "baddy" Cream (Eddie Campbell) to the police (Jay Laga’aia and Sarah Wilson), in episode two
... Sometimes he can seem such an idiot. I wouldn't really want to be like him.
– Martin Henderson describes his character Zane, in the Strangers press kit
We won’t say anything. We’ll make a Zan-Em-Mor-Kel promise.
– Emma (Amber McWilliams) promises secrecy to Ludo (Joel Tobeck), in episode four
I can cry real tears. Sometimes I have to think of getting lost in the middle of a mountain or something, and mum and dad going away and leaving me.
– Actor Hamish McFarlane, in the Strangers press kit