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Hero image for Swagger of Thieves

Swagger of Thieves

Film (Trailer) – 2017

...Swagger of Thieves will be regarded as not just a great Kiwi doco but also one of the world's great rock n' roll documentaries ... It shows the glitz of the music biz and the gutter of drug addiction. It takes you from adoring stadium stages to stages that are far too small. From chart success to near irrelevance. From touring the world to washing windows.
– Karl Puschmann, in a review of Swagger of Thieves in The NZ Herald, 11 August 2017
I refer to him both as Booga and Nigel, this is something I regularly do in everyday life. Our family and close friends know Nigel Beazley and everyone else knows Booga Beazley. They’re two very separate characters. Booga dominates the film, as he should.
– Tamzin Beazley (partner of vocalist Nigel 'Booga' Beazley), 1 May 2017, Off the Tracks blog
HLAH are about losing it ... so it won’t be found until three months later, covered with that mould that forms at the bottom of beer bottles.
– 1994 review of a Head Like a Hole gig, in Australian magazine Hot Metal