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Hero image for Tagata Pasifika - Second Migration

Tagata Pasifika - Second Migration

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2015

We thought we’d better try something to give them [the kids] something better.
– Ana Mokofisi, on why they made 'the jump'
...wanting to give my kids a better life than what I had in South Auckland.
– James Finau, on why he made 'the jump'
Now, many of their descendants (of those who moved to NZ) are continuing that adventurous spirit, and moving to Australia. In this half-hour special Sandra Kailahi takes a look at those who’ve made the jump.
– Presenter Marama Papau introduces the special episode
But the school doesn’t just help students; they run courses to help Mums and Dads get jobs.
– Reporter Sandra Kailahi, on Redbank Plains State High School, which has a 40% PI roll
It was so bad it [racism] actually drove me to go home.
– Alan Utanga, on the racism he faced in Australia