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Hero image for Takis Unlimited

Takis Unlimited

Television (Full Length) – 1969

On Making Takis Unlimited

I was approached by an Iranian film student Mahmoud Khosrowshahi to help him make a film on Takis. I was to shoot and edit he would pay the bills. He borrowed some money from his wealthy parents in Iran, and we began to make the film in black and white. The money soon ran out.

During the course of filming we met Jeremy Fry, of Cadbury Fry Hudson lineage, who gave us a blank cheque to complete the film in colour. “You fill in the top line and I’ll sign the bottom line” said Jeremy, as he handed us the cheque.

We ran coloured filters over the black and white scenes. The film was screened on BBC2 the first week the channel went colour, which was interesting as half the film was in black and white! A title was superimposed when it was first screened: ‘Do not adjust the colour control’.