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Hero image for Tale of the Fish

Tale of the Fish

Television (Full Length) – 1999

Their priority is filling the boat, not the fridge.
– Fisherman Rick, on the difference between commercial and customary fishing
I'm the person who protects the past. Every day when I look around me I see the beach, the sun, whatever. These things were left for us, and I would like to think that I could leave some of those things too for the following generation.
– Laly Haddon (Ngāti Wai), farmer and kaitiaki
Today scientists only identify two species. The old people could name more than 100 types of eel. Now this precious food source is under threat.
– From the narration, on Ngāti Hine's relationship with tuna (eel)
The urban march is where the power is, and I suppose when it comes down to democracy, 1,000 people will always tell two people what to do. But it depends on the strength of the two people!
– Laly Haddon (Ngāti Wai), farmer and kaitiaki, on the challenges of change