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Hero image for Talk Talk - Dave Dobbyn

Talk Talk - Dave Dobbyn

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2010

I believed in all the things that they say are the advantages of alcohol and the same with relaxes you and all that, and it's all a myth, it's all a lie.
– Dave Dobbyn on giving up on smokes and drink
You can't pick an anthem, they just pick themselves really.
– Dave Dobbyn on some of his songs being described as Kiwi anthems
I think when you move through life you try and avoid confronting yourself a lot of the time.
– Dave Dobbyn on deciding to be totally 'honest' with himself
I don't think religion's supposed to be orthodox or entirely traditional, I think it's supposed to be moving, there's a spirit that moves and it's as wild as the wind.
– Dave Dobbyn describes how he views his Christian faith
I ran for my life. And I think it is always a good thing to do: To run away from big institutions. I'm attracted to the spirit of true Christianity, which is usually quiet and, you know, just wrapped around the community ... Rather than spouting from the pulpit or edicts from Rome about what you can wear on your John Thomas.
– Dave Dobbyn on shunning Catholicism for his own brand of faith, NZ Herald, 17 December 2011
I write stuff every day. There’s still a distillation and a connection that has to happen and a love of your craft. Something that will set fire to a whole bunch of people is what you’re looking for, that golden key. I’m almost obsessive about it. I want every one to really shine.
– Dave Dobbyn talks about his work as a songwriter. Metro Magazine, 8 October 2013