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Teine Sā - The Ancient Ones (excerpts)

Web (Excerpts) – 2021

In these excerpts from anthology series Teine, ancient Pasifika deities make their presence felt in modern day Aotearoa. In episode one (also called Teine Sā), ambitious artist Ana (Frankie Adams) visits her Nana's house and rubs her cousin up the wrong way. Naked Samoan Mario Gaoa directs episode two, about female atua (spirit) Tapuitea punishing a dodgy playboy (Michael Koloi). Then in Ahi, a developer (Joe Naufahu) and his non-binary child (Lijah Maega) almost run over a mysterious hitchhiker. Finally, in the Solomon Island inspired Hiama, a bullied girl (Elsie Polosovai) is visited by her spiritual guide. 

Careful what you wish for Ana.
– Mele (Petmal Lam) in episode one