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The Breaker Upperers Film (Trailer) – 2018 Captioned Comedy

The Breaker Upperers

Film (Trailer) – 2018 Captioned Comedy

M Mature
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The Breaker Upperers has the increasingly familiar patter of Kiwi comedy: dogged naivety, nervous politeness, hazy thoughts that trail off like vapor ... it’s a terrific showcase for the duo [of Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami] and their entire cast, which, besides a pop-up bit from [Jemaine] Clement, is curated from a local talent pool that Hollywood has yet to spelunk. After this, it should.
– Amy Nicholson, reviewing The Breaker Upperers in Variety, 14 March 2018's hilarious and packed with witty, awkward and nutty ideas from start to finish ... Laugh-out-loud funny and at times wonderfully subtle, this ever-so-likable romp confirms something many already knew, [Jackie] Van Beek and [Madeleine] Sami can do almost anything.
– NZ Herald reviewer Francesca Rudkin, in a four star review, 3 May 2018
I want a nice clean break. I don't want years of heartache and stalking and therapy, and possible violence.
– A potential client (Oscar Kightley) of The Breaker Upperers