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Hero image for The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse

Film (Trailer) – 2014

Bravery is contagious
– The tagline for the film
I put on a lot of weight. I had to eat a lot of food, drink a lot of beer, and play a lot of chess ... I'm just obsessed with the game. I go online and play speed chess. I love chess now.
– Cliff Curtis in an interview with Stuff website, 24 July 2014
It's a beautifully nuanced, heartfelt, yet clear-eyed biopic that's likely to become a Kiwi classic...
– Lydia Jenkin in the NZ Herald, 17 July 2014
You talk dreams to those tamarikis, you better follow through.
– Noble (Kirk Torrance), to Genesis (Cliff Curtis)
…it’s a stunningly confident piece of work with barely a wrong note in it … James Napier Robertson’s script is about as good as it could be - no fat, no unnecessary subplots, and every beat carefully crafted.
– Simon Morris, on RNZ National Show At the Movies, 7 August 2014
[Cliff Curtis] dominates the screen as the mercurial Gen. It's a breathtaking performance, note perfect in every gesture, mesmerising in its conviction. Top marks too, to rising star James Rolleston as teenager Mana...
– Mark Kermode, reviewing The Dark Horse in The Observer, 5 April 2015