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Hero image for The Dead Lands

The Dead Lands

Film (Trailer) – 2014

Awatea Johnson
Awatea Johnson
10 Feb 2015 - 08.14pm
Awesome story and movie! Can't wait for the DVD release! I will definitely be buying!
10 Feb 2015 - 02.41pm
Yes I would certainly like to see Pre-Maori history truly depicted. Celtic history, Chinese also. The evidence is there.
13 Jan 2015 - 09.56pm
Totally recommend this movie to anyone interested in the pre-pakeha history of Aotearoa

Looking forward to it as well. I wonder if anyone will make a movie on the pre Maori history Rekohu.

Don't know the name. Look it up.
6 Jan 2015 - 01.39pm
What an awesome film, totally enjoyed the story.
5 Jan 2015 - 02.15pm
Hi Maimiti
We don't have information as to when it will be released in France, sorry. If you can play NZ region DVDs you may have to wait for its NZ DVD release.
30 Dec 2014 - 04.25am
Somebody know where I can find the movie?
I want to watch it but unobtainable in France...
stan walker
stan walker
22 Dec 2014 - 10.10pm
aotearoa all day
22 Dec 2014 - 10.07pm
kia tau kia tau to ka to a
22 Nov 2014 - 08.58pm
Totally recommend this movie to anyone interested in the pre-pakeha history of Aotearoa.
4 Nov 2014 - 11.08pm
Amazing, really gave me an insight on my own whakapapa. Reccomend seeing it! Hopes for more film ls like this in Aotearoa.
24 Oct 2014 - 09.28pm
Watched this movie earlier this evening..thoroughly recommend seeing it. You won't be disappointed. Great story..

29 Aug 2014 - 02.20pm
Can't wait to watch this one......bro.
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