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The Dragon Story

Television (Excerpts) – 2015

If anyone of any age lasted through Tuesday's Dragon documentary on Prime without air guitaring, knee-drumming or actual singing along, they need their pulse checked ... This was a moving, hilarious and irresistibly catchy piece of history.
– Jane Clifton on website Stuff, 13 August 2015
You don't measure a life by its length.
– Voi Hunter on the death of her son Marc, aged 44
It was so shocking, it was the first time we became aware of mortality. It just confirmed everything I thought about the drug-taking. I just hated the whole thing. It seemed to get in the way of the music, it got in the way of chances that we were getting ... always we had a handicap we were fighting against, which was: 'the lifestyle'.
– Todd Hunter on the drug overdose death of drummer Neil Storey
It seemed to me like the songs needed to be played again...
– Todd Hunter on reforming the band in the mid 2000s
This hour and a half long documentary, which was plainly made with care and quite a lot of love, had everything: huge madness, big egos, bigger chart hits, bad drugs, awful tragedy, family squabbles, jealousy, more bad drugs, more tragedy, more chart hits and some of the most astonishing clothes and haircuts ever seen. It was, by turns, sad and uplifting, which is no mean feat.
– Greg Dixon, in a NZ Herald TimeOut review, 15 August 2015