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The Eggplant

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2020

...remember, babies are more expensive than condoms.
– Teacher Ms Bell (Angella Dravid) in sex education class, in episode four
Skiddies in cubicle three again?!
– Hilltop High security guard Jeremiah Strong (Joe Daymond) responds to the next emergency, in episode seven
The campaign has earned Motion Sickness a suite of awards at both domestic and international award shows. One of the most important markers of success however, was the fact that 91% of [New Zealand] households with teenagers aged 13-18 reported watching the series had prompted open discussion around online safety.
– Writer Rikki Green on website Campaign Brief, 10 September 2021
Umm, stab in the dark but the large aubergine on the field, perhaps?
– The reply from Simon (Hamish Parkinson) when Principal Morris (Karen O'Leary) asks if the staff know why they're having an emergency meeting, in episode one
Honest. I got, like, 13 snaps today. It’s not even morning tea.
– Trent (Levi Kereama) on why people supposedly call him the 'Nude Guru', in episode three
I had a chat to coach Flanks and he told me that you were absent from the compulsory Zumba class for the first XV on Friday arvo.
– Principal Morris (Karen O'Leary) questioning Darcy (Trendall Pulini) about the mysterious eggplant, in episode three
If there’s one thing to take away from this weeks’ investigation, it’s this: be careful about what you believe online. This should act as a timely reminder for all of us to be aware of everything we read, listen to, watch and more importantly — share.
– Jack Tame concludes his Special Report Special on the eggplant (episode seven)