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The Factory - Series Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2013 Drama Music Comedy

The Factory - Series

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2013 Drama Music Comedy

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We wanna make our own song Dad.
– Moana (Maiya Thompson) to her father (Aleni Tufuga)
I can pass on the old ways to the children. I will teach them the old songs — still have to train that hippity-hop nonsense out of them.
– Tigi (Ben Taufua)
It'll be an honour to my father — and to myself — for my children to represent the factory.
– Kavana (Aleni Tufuga)
Your voices are great: that's why you're coming back, but this is X Factory, not the History Channel.
– One of the contest judges (Linda Lepou) warns the Saumalu family that they need to change their act (in episode six)
I’ll never forget my very first Factory experience: travelling to the Mangere Arts Centre in 2011 to see the final week of a show that had been packing in houses for a month. I was excited and astounded: here was musical theatre of the Pacific; catchy songs and tight harmonies, and it had something very meaningful to say.
– James Wenley on the first stage production of The Factory, Pantograph Punch website, 18 June 2014
Well, that’s the good news: almost half the workforce will have the chance to be part of a new modernised, automated system — state of the art.
– Factory boss Keith (Cameron Rhodes) in episode seven