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Hero image for The Hui: Ngā Mōrehu - Survivors of State Abuse

The Hui: Ngā Mōrehu - Survivors of State Abuse

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2017

I got a hiding the first night...they called it the blanket show.
– One of those interviewed
I sat and pissed myself out of pure fear.
– One of those interviewed, on being beaten up on his first night
The staff were around: they allowed this shit to happen.
– Riwhi Toi Whenua
The Hui’s investigation into Ngā Mōrehu – The Survivors provides a timely reminder that the Government continues to fail the people they were supposed to be looking after while in State care. Gut wrenching images of grown Māori men breaking down while revealing horrific claims of child abuse is a sharp wake-up call that the impact of child abuse is long-lasting and the Government must help address the ongoing problems.
– Opposition deputy leader Jacinda Ardern, after watching the show, 9 April 2017
If you look rough, people leave you alone; if you look conservative you're fair prey for every animal in the jungle. So tattooing and trying to look as rough as you possibly can were the two most important things you had at your disposal.
– Quentin Tuwhanga
Jail at 15. It was better then being in the boys' home.
– Quentin Tuwhanga
All they did was teach me how how to hate, how to hurt, and not to care about the feelings of other human beings.
– One of those interviewed