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The Irish Connection

Television (Full Length) – 1999

This high-rating 1999 documentary follows Gary McCormick to Ireland to investigate "those strands which tie" Kiwis to the Emerald Isle, from Dublin to the north, where his forebears originated in the 1870s. He meets locals, (musicians, tinkers, playwrights, scuba divers) and Kiwi expats, and talks The Troubles, Celtic Tigers, and why Irish emigrated to Aotearoa. Irish Connection was another collaboration between McCormick and director Bruce Morrison (Heartland, Raglan by the Sea). Companion title The London Connection saw McCormick examining Kiwi links to London. 

I don't much like the Guinness away from home, I prefer the Guinness in Ireland.
– Matt Molloy of band The Chieftains

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Gary McCormick


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Bruce Lynch

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Made with funding from NZ On Air