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40 Years of Country Calendar

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2005

This best of special culls history and highlights from 40 seasons of the longest running show on NZ television. Farming, forestry and fishing are all on the roster, but this edition is as much about observing people and the land. There is footage of high country musters, helicopter deer capture, floods and blizzards, as well as radio-controlled dogs and mice farmers. Longtime Country Calendar figures like John Gordon and Tony Trotter share their memories, and the show sets out to catch up again with some of the colourful New Zealanders that have featured on screen.

...my word you can run when there's something after you.
– Farmer Elsie Jane Westhead on a close encounter with one of her animals

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Frank Torley

Frank Torley

Executive Producer, Subject

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Julian O'Brien


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Tony Benny

Director, Producer, Reporter

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Jude Callen

Network Executive

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Dawn Deavin


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Robyn Best

Production Manager

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