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The Last Saint Film (Trailer) – 2014 Thriller Drama

The Last Saint

Film (Trailer) – 2014 Thriller Drama

R16 Restricted
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... when Rene (Naufahu) got everyone together, he made it seem like family — and the shoot was so fast yet it was chilled, and so fun yet so dangerous. Yeah, running around K Rd at 4 am with my new crazy family, I loved it!
– Joy Vaele, who plays Lia, mother of the main character
...a searing local thriller which dunks us into a world not before shown on New Zealand screens: The turf war between Samoan and Tongan drug dealers and the realities of P-addiction that we (hopefully) only read about in the news ... impressive genre fare, well-executed and intoxicating.
– Sarah Watt in a four star Sunday Star-Times review, 17 August 2014
The film, if it gets made — and I hope it does and if there is justice it will because it is so well written — will break your heart but inspire you as well. Every ghastly, destructive, insane, crazy, violent, terrifying thing about P was in there.
– The late Paul Holmes
The drug dealing world on display here feels uniquely Kiwi — it never seems like they're trying to emulate bad guys from overseas movies, and still a sense of palpable dread is felt ... it's one of the most impressive crime dramas ever made in this country.
– Dominic Corry after watching an early cut of The Last Saint, NZ Herald, 30 January 2014