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The Dark Side of the Moon - An Addict's Story

Television (Full Length) – 2001

This Inside New Zealand doco takes a calm, no nonsense look at one man’s encounter with heroin addiction — a habit he estimates cost him a seven figure sum. Far from being the clichéd junkie loser, Tim was a husband, father and successful businessman who remarkably didn’t think twice about dabbling with a drug that had already taken the life of one of his sisters. Nine years after it led him to detox and rehab, Tim and his mother and sister talk about his addiction and its impact on their lives — without glamorising or demonising the drug or its users.

It’s only fun for a bit and then it becomes a chain that drags you down so badly eventually that it will just take everything from your life. Everything. And the worst of those things that it takes is your passion for living. There’s no passion left. Just drugs.
– Tim, the subject of the doco

Key Cast & Crew

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Amanda Robertshawe


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Michael McDonald


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John Chrisstoffels

Assistant Camera

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Grant Taylor

Sound Mix

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Andrew Stroud

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Tim Brott


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Produced by

Ultimate Productions


Teacup Productions


Made with funding from NZ On Air