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Hero image for The Neville Purvis Family Show - Episode

The Neville Purvis Family Show - Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1979

Neville Purvis makes an entrance with artist Jean Clarkson, at the late 1977 world premiere of movie Sleeping Dogs at Auckland’s Civic Theatre. Riot police stand by. Purvis (aka Arthur Baysting) co-wrote the script with Ian Mune.

Photo by Bruce Jarvis

Illustration of Neville Purvis by artist Joe Wylie.

By Joe Wylie. Supplied by Arthur Baysting

Neville Purvis and his white ukulele Eric at the Wellington Opera House, March 1978. Purvis was one of the entertainers appearing in Red Mole production Ghost Rite. The Auckland Star's John Ghent wrote of an earlier Ghost Rite performance that Neville Purvis MC "stole the early show".

Supplied by Arthur Baysting

A shot of Neville Purvis in all his glory.

Supplied by Arthur Baysting

Neville Purvis and two fans.

Supplied by Arthur Baysting

The cover art for 1977 single 'It Takes Money' backed by 'Disco On My Radio', by Neville Purvis, alter ego of Arthur Baysting. The artwork is by Joe Wylie; the music video was directed by Roger Donaldson.

Cover by Joe Wylie

A publicity shot of Neville Purvis and his trusty Mark ll Zephyr.

Supplied by Arthur Baysting