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The Son of a Gunn Show - Thingee's Eye Pop Television (Full Length) – 1994 Children

The Son of a Gunn Show - Thingee's Eye Pop

Television (Full Length) – 1994 Children

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eml bought me here

23 Jun 2017 - 03.50pm

didnt his eye also fall out on 345 live and Annie couldnt stop laughing? wheres that video?


Matt 24 Nov 2014 - 12.23pm

Thingee a duck? Well I never.... :-) I did not realise that until now!!! I remember when his eye came out... classic moment! Poor Jase! ;-)

Richelle Bremner

Richelle Bremner 20 Jul 2014 - 06.54pm

is thingee really a humanoid duck alien a tv icon. how can this anthony henderson possibly be the person behind this puppet

where did he come from jason gunn if you can hear me and contact me please call me i wish to do an interview with you two and ask you questions since now that thingee will soon be making a comeback to television

nicholas win

nicholas win 9 Jul 2014 - 01.25pm

I remember clearly a time when Thingees eye popped out halfway while Annie was presenting. She just stopped mid sentence and held her face to stop from laughing, meanwhile Thingee had no clue and was wondering why Annie wasn't responding to his cues. THAT was live...


thingee-fan 27 May 2014 - 04.13pm

I remember this scene but i can also remember another where
Thingees eye only came partly out and poor Jason could hardly
contain the giggles .... would love to see that scene again


Annette 18 Jul 2012 - 04.11pm

Thingy is a duck!?!

Mind Blown


Moke 29 Mar 2012 - 10.02am

I remember that, funny.


Marina 29 Mar 2012 - 08.20am

..and further- Son of a Gunn was all pre-recorded, yeah. Children were not traumatised by this scene for some time.
Thingee is a wotchamacallum, not from this planet. Jason shortened it to Thingee- back in the old days words with more than 9 letters were not allowed on TV, it was too expensive. And the rumour about Alan Henderson? I've met him in real life and he's nowhere near as funny as Thingee, and has a much shorter nose.

Rob Stowell

Rob Stowell 15 Mar 2012 - 02.13pm

I was on camera 3, I think. Thingee covered up so well (or I was so dumb) I didn't notice, til I saw another camera-person almost in stitches trying not to laugh :) Glad I was there, as I forgot to turn for Gallipolli.

Rob Stowell

Rob Stowell 15 Mar 2012 - 02.05pm

thats not funny

nicholas win

nicholas win 18 Feb 2011 - 10.23am

can anyone tell me wat type of animal is thingee?

Emily roberts

Emily roberts 30 Oct 2010 - 01.48am

@Robyn - thanks, I've amended the synopsis. I did think that the 'adult-sounding' studio laughter sounded odd in the Son of a Gunn context!

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 23 Apr 2010 - 04.03pm

Hey, this didn't actually happen live on air. The segment was pre-recorded and was never originally aired on The Son of a Gunn Show. Its first broadcast was on a blooper show - that's why there's an adult audience laughing along to the clip.

Robyn Gallagher

Robyn Gallagher 23 Apr 2010 - 03.55pm

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