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Hero image for The Story of Seven-Hundred Polish Children

The Story of Seven-Hundred Polish Children

Television (Full Length) – 1967

We lived mostly on bread and water but there was never enough. And I remember my mother slicing bread making sure that each of us got exact share so we wouldn't fight between ourselves. I used to dream about having enough bread.
– Polish survivor, on life in the Siberian labour camps
Mr and Mrs Sonday were not permitted to leave Russia in 1942. They were faced with a terrible decision: whether to keep the children or part with them and send them out alone to a better life. The three children left and after 17 anxious years they finally managed to locate their parents and bring them out to New Zealand. The past is behind. Now the Sondays are happy to be just another New Zealand family.
– Narrator Tim Eliott
Why did these children come here? What is their story? They were the innocent victims of aggression.
– Narrator Tim Eliott