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Hero image for The Strip - Series One: Two Episodes

The Strip - Series One: Two Episodes

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 2002

Hey rugrat, that 'crap' is 100 per cent Taiwanese rayon!
– Vince (Eddie Campbell) defends his strip club's interior design, in episode one
A G-string from heaven...what do you think it means?
– Kathryn ( Jodie Rimmer) ponders the mysteries of flying underwear, in episode one
Gordon describes the dream sequences as her "absolutely favourite moments. They were what gave me an opportunity to get out of my everyday Melissa skin and be slightly over the top and I loved them."
– Luanne Gordon on the show's fantasy sequences, 27 February 2002
A cross between Ally McBeal and SeaChange in downtown Wellington.
– Writer Phil Wakefield on website NZoom, 4 March 2002
I'm going out with Shane, and I can't stop thinking about Adam.
– Melissa (Luanne Gordon), in episode 12
I don't think we've been constrained by a concern for five per cent of the viewing public.
– Strip producer Dave Gibson on how risque the show is, The NZ Herald, 27 February 2002
The Strip was about women's empowerment. All the women in the cast — including teen daughter Paige — wore their sexuality proudly. They were horny AF and they weren't ashamed. Watching Jodie Rimmer as the extremely toey Kathryn was a revelation to me as a teenager ... she was sexy and she knew it.
– 'Emily Writes' remembers watching The Strip, The Spinoff, 12 December 2018
... I don’t understand it. One minute I’m the mature, savvy, post-feminist feminist, and the next I’m the doe in heat, turned on by a couple of rutting stags.
– Melissa (Luanne Gordon) talks to her best friend Kathryn (Jodie Rimmer), in episode 12
If we were going to move in together, it should be because the time is right, or because you can't bear to be apart from me, not because you want to keep me away from other men
– Melissa (Luanne Gordon) turns down an invitation by Shane (Stephen Lovatt) to move in with him, in episode 12