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Hero image for The Years Back - 5, The Desert (Episode Five)

The Years Back - 5, The Desert (Episode Five)

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1973

The infantry were left on that ridge unsupported. Now a British armoured brigade was supposed to back us up. They didn’t. So our infantry were up there and when the German counterattack came they were overrun.
– Major General Sir William Gentry
We knew he’d been subjected to a number of decimating experiences, we knew that he wasn’t in the same strength but we always had tremendous respect for the German military machine for its tenacity and for its skill, no question of it. The German was always a very respected, very respected, adversary.
– Major General Sir William Gentry
They (the Egyptians) weren’t pro-German, I think they were just pro themselves really, they certainly weren’t pro-British. You see, of course, what had happened in the Middle East, all the racial problems and tensions had merely been put aside for the duration of the war. They’d never been settled, there was the Palestine and that meant anti-British sentiment.
– Ronald McIntyre, war cameraman