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3 Men and a Boat

Television (Full Length) – 1992

This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to win the America’s Cup, and if we can get our whole camp thinking that way, and that same camp know that they have a country thinking the same way…we’ve nearly got it made.
– Peter Blake
With luck, ladies and gentlemen, by this time next year that Auld Mug, for what it’s worth, should be well and safely ensconced in the [Mercury Bay Boating Club] Commodore’s woolshed.
– Michael Fay, during a 1991 speech at the Commerce Club of Auckland
...I’ve often said to the team, we’ve learnt more out of losing two America’s Cups than we ever would have out of winning them.
– Michael Fay
The new boats are longer, wider, lighter, and they allow for a deeper keel. The masts are 24 feet higher; they carry 60 percent more sail.
– Narrator Paul Robinson on changes to the types of boat allowed to compete in the America's Cup
You bet I’m worried. I think they’re going to be very tough.
– American sailor Dennis Conner on New Zealand's 1992 America's Cup challenge