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Today Live - Angela D'Audney Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001 News/Current Affairs

Today Live - Angela D'Audney

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2001 News/Current Affairs

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What a wonderful woman.

Rouyden lake

Rouyden lake 8 Jan 2015 - 02.10am

I've read that book on Angela. I was heartbroken to see her go. I just had to find her interview with Susan Wood. They were of my television era. Never forgotten her with that afro hairstyle. She was unique in her ways and that husky voice she had.


Joey 25 Aug 2014 - 07.20pm

Sweet lovely classy lady

Bruce Pain

Bruce Pain 14 Mar 2013 - 03.50pm

Dear, sweet Angela (Angel)
One of the warmest, smartest, and loveliest women, and one of the very best human beings.

richard moss

richard moss 8 Feb 2013 - 11.23am

I have just finished reading Angela's autobiography. She was an amazing woman and it was lovely to be able to go back (prompted by her book) and watch this interview, which I hadn't initially seen. Like Ian below I find it hard to believe it has been almost ten years since she died, and I, too, am now a true fan. Bless, Angela. ☺

R Rodger

R Rodger 30 Apr 2011 - 07.48pm

I still miss seeing Angela on t.v, it's hard to believe that it is nearly 10
years since she was taken from us.
For me she was the ultimate newsreader, her diction was so perfect
nobody since has come close to her.
I am very pleased to see that she has become part of the NZ on Screen lineup.
May she never be forgotten.
Ian Davies.
A true Fan.
R.I.P Angela.

Ian Davies

Ian Davies 29 Mar 2011 - 05.32pm

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