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Together in Concert

Television (Full Length) – 2001

You don't have a safety pin, do you?
– Bic Runga has a backstage request
Five minutes before you go on stage is one of my favourite times in life: there's so much adrenaline and fear and excitement all mixed up, it's a very strong feeling. It's a physical feeling and a mental and emotional and a spiritual feeling really, because I do believe that rock'n' roll is a healing sort of power...
– Tim Finn on the moments leading up to doing a live gig
I used to come into town and go to the movies here. It was like you know, the temple, it was church, it was just the giant palace of illusions ... it proved to be the same with a live band in there.
– Dave Dobbyn has fond memories of Auckland's Civic Theatre
I'll play 'I See Red' till the day I die, you know. I'll always go mad and I'll always enjoy it. It takes me out of me...
– Tim Finn on performing his 1981 Split Enz hit
Some towns I really got the feeling that no one knew who I was ... maybe that was my paranoia.
– Bic Runga on being the 'junior' Kiwi star in the concert lineup
We're all songwriters; it doesn't matter how old you are or how many records you've done.
– Tim Finn on what he has in common with Dave Dobbyn and Bic Runga
I think Greymouth danced the most. I think they also drank the most.
– Bic Runga on the West Coast's taste for a good time
She's a natural ... as soon as she opens her mouth it's there, you know.
– Dave Dobbyn on the talents of Bic Runga
There was a night of cross-dressing in Palmerston North...I was amazed by everyone, it was just kind of like a drunken whim really, the night before.
– Bic Runga on on-stage shenanigans in Palmerston North
We shared ourselves and our songs with audiences from Invercargill to Whangarei, Gisborne to Greymouth, and warmed up the winter with a show that we hope people will never forget.
– Tim Finn reflecting on 2000's Together in Concert national tour, The Otago Daily Times, 24 October 2009