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Hero image for Tonight With Cathy Saunders - Series Two, Episode Five

Tonight With Cathy Saunders - Series Two, Episode Five

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1986

...for us personally it's very much a big success, because I think that we may be able to get our tractor.
– Lynda Topp measure the success of their Australian tour
I think the magic is the music; it's always been the music, and when we're all dead and gone the only thing that will be left will be the music, and that's the only thing that was important to us.
– Visiting musician Graham Nash is asked what draws him, Neil Young, David Crosby and Stephen Stills together
It was a very sad thing that happened of course, and in America most of the environmental people that I've worked with over the years have known about it, and there's a tremendous amount of support, and a tremendous amount of goodwill towards the New Zealand people and the New Zealand government for their anti-nuclear stands.
– Graham Nash on the Rainbow Warrior tragedy and going anti-nuclear, at the start of his interview
One of the main things that's happening in America today is that we are providing our children with a kind of a mind paralysis, meaning that we're not really showing them that there's a bright future out there. And consequently they don't want to get educated, they don't want to get married and have children, because you know in their minds they're going to be blown up within five or 10 years. And that's a terrible thing to do to our children, and we must do everything we can to alleviate that.
– Graham Nash on his concerns at what the nuclear threat is doing to children
I might do a yodelling solo album or something like that...
– Lynda Topp on whether her or sister Jools would ever go solo
But seriously, as a family man and farmer, I know how to handle children and animals, so I'm the man to pull the National caucus back together...
– The show's Public Eye/Spitting Image-style political satire pokes fun at Jim Bolger
....you can't knock something until you know what it's all about. And that's right, we were in the territorial army for about 12 weeks I think it was, and the thing about that was that we went into the army knowing full well that war is not on. But we wanted to know about it, what it's like to be trained, what it's like to be under those conditions and we also got a free trip to the South Island at the same time...we were 17, 18, and so we wanted to join the army, meet interesting people and learn how to kill them . . . we found that no matter what situation you're in, you can make friends . . . if someone had to get over a barbed wire fence, the 28 women made sure that last woman got over. And that's what we got out of it, the fact that you can actually, under any condition, be human to other humans.
– Jools Topp on why she and her sister Lynda signed up for the Territorials as teenagers
It's a pretty new thing. We plunged into the deep end by going to Los Angeles really...when you say I manage it, we have the lack of a manager at the moment, so by default I'm sort of, you know, making the phone calls and paying the bills and stuff. But it's not something I enjoy because it sort of distracts pretty much from the music. So any good managers out there, we're looking for one.
– Neil Finn on being the default manager of his new band Crowded House
Oh and listen to this; recently the tomb above the late Marilyn Monroe's was sold by the owners to a fan for three million dollars. He's a 55-year-old man from New York. So let's face it, now he can lie on top of Marilyn Monroe for the rest of his life and of course, for eternity. Did I say that? My lips are sealed...
– Entertainment reporter David Hartnell signs off in signature style