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Hero image for Town and Around: Wellington Highlights

Town and Around: Wellington Highlights

Television (Full Length) – 1968

An effort is being made to control the flow of pedestrians at intersections in the same way that traffic is controlled. But in spite of these controls aimed at keeping the life of the pedestrian, the pedestrians aren't following the rules. In fact right now the Wellington Traffic Department has something like forty prosecutions pending for jaywalking.
– Reporter
Hens wearing specs, an indisputable fact. However our follow up owed more to imagination than reality. The follow up: well, if hens can wear specs then turkeys can certainly wear gumboots to protect them from arthritis. The item played havoc with the saying "the camera can't lie".
– Presenter Peter Read
Well I don't think we've had too bad a haul this morning and I think I could probably make myself a very reasonable living out of pinching from cars. Have you locked your car? And the boot? And taken the keys out?
– Reporter John Shrapnell