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TrinityRoots - Music Is Choice

Film (Full Length) – 2010

Built around generous stacks of live footage, this 70 minute documentary traces the journey of beloved, genre-blending band TrinityRoots. It explores touring, epic album sessions, and the bond  — both light-hearted and deeply felt — between members Warren Maxwell, Rio Hemopo and Riki Gooch. Other musicians and critic Grant Smithies play tribute. The documentary chimed in with the band's rebirth: TrinityRoots reformed in 2010 after five years apart, the same year that the Music is Choice documentary/live album emerged. Gooch left the trio the following year.

The first time I heard 'Aotearoa', hard and cynical music critic that I am, I genuinely wept, which doesn't happen very often.
– Music critic Grant Smithies

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Paul Wedel

Paul Wedel

Camera & Sound Recordist (Interviews), Editor

Profile image for Chris Graham

Chris Graham

Camera - 2005 Wellington concert, Subject

Generic Profile image for Reuben Sutherland

Reuben Sutherland


Generic Profile image for Gareth Moon

Gareth Moon

Producer, Camera - 2004 Homeland tour

Generic Profile image for Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter

Director, Producer, Camera, Interviewer

Generic Profile image for Lee Prebble

Lee Prebble

Sound Mix, Subject

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