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Jazz/soul singer, songwriter and producer Hollie Smith plays keyboards in this slow-burning ballad from her debut multi-platinum album, Long Player. Smith's rich voice is backed by choir later in the track, making the song's message of emotional support all the more powerful. Smith and her band perform in a dimly lit bar punctured by streetlights and car headlights. The storyline follows a young man (played by Xavier Horan from Ride with the Devil) lost in thoughts and memories, wandering the streets. His journey may or may not be literal, and at the end of the song he finds connection in a crowd.

It dawned on me that you had to learn how to feel a song rather than just sing a song. You had to put the work in and be clear about what the emotive content of a lyric was.
– Hollie Smith talks about an important lesson she learnt from a jazz mentor, Stuff, 29 June 2019

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