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Hero image for TrinityRoots - Music Is Choice

TrinityRoots - Music Is Choice

Film (Full Length) – 2010

The first time I heard 'Aotearoa', hard and cynical music critic that I am, I genuinely wept, which doesn't happen very often.
– Music critic Grant Smithies
You haven't got any money for rent, and you know, you're cold all the time, or you're starving, and you're just doing it on the bones of your ass. That can make for some great music as well.
– Drummer Riki Gooch
And we thought let's just put a little band together to sing songs, and do like a few Bob covers, and do some, you know, cafe gigs...and Trinity was born from there.
– Drummer Riki Gooch on the birth of TrinityRoots
True was one of the most painful experiences I think I've ever ever been through, because you have to try and capture something that was intangible ... something out of thin air, and put it onto a plastic disc.
– Warren Maxwell on recording TrinityRoots' first album True