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Two Cars, One Night

Short Film (Full Length) – 2003


Youngsters Romeo, Ed, and Polly wait in two cars after dark while their parents are inside drinking. It’s a situation many Kiwis would recognise: cars without parents outside the bar or rugby club. Soon cross-car rivalry warms to budding friendship. Winning performances, and the tender mix of comedy and romance saw the tale of a Te Kaha pub carpark become an international hit. Two Cars won a boot-full of awards, launched Waititi’s career, and was the second New Zealand short to be nominated for an Academy Award. Waititi infamously feigned sleep during the 2005 ceremony.

There are a few moments in childhood that have a lasting impact. Not because they change the course of your life, or because they arrive with any great fanfare, in fact quite the opposite. Those are moments where an unexpected joy is found in the everyday, a moment of beauty in the ordinary.
– Waititi's director's statement

Key Cast & Crew

Catherine Fitzgerald


Ainsley Gardiner


Taika Waititi

Writer, Director

Dion Waikato

As: Tangata

Waka Riwai

As: Koro

Te Ahiwaru Ngamoki-Richards

As: Eddie

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Produced by

  • Blueskin Films

  • Defender Films


Made in association with the Short Film fund of the NZ Film Commission