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Hero image for Two Days to Soft Rock Cafe

Two Days to Soft Rock Cafe

Television (Full Length) – 1983

For is this not the place of our childhood where we once imagined demons and dragons?
– From the narration
Beyond lay uncharted territory, and like a modern day Cook, Magellan or Columbus, cavers from all over the world responded.
– From the narration
By the time I arrived there [the underground camp] I was absolutely shattered and it really was 'Salvation Hall'. Since then it's become one of the special places that I like about New Zealand. I guess, partly because of the people that come here ... it's amazing that [when] you live in these sort of conditions, you strip life to its bare essentials. And all of the superfluous goings-on that you're involved in in the outside world are stripped away, and you're left with what's important in life.
– A caver on 'Salvation Hall' a base camp deep in the cave
For me personally it's really horrific: I just don't like squeezes ... anywhere. And these here would be the worst that I've experienced. And being a little bit on the large side, although you can get through ... I always suffered from this feeling of panic before I went in. And then when I got to the other side of them I'd feel a little bit panicky, I'd wind down. I'd be very clumsy for a while until I settled down. And then after two or three days underground ... I'd have to face them [fears] again.
– A caver faces his fears