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Hero image for Under the Skin

Under the Skin

Television (Full Length) – 2010

The brain is programmed to look for the human and the old landscape that was characterised by the profile in the mountain of a sleeping man is part of the tradition of seeing the human all around us.
– Terry Stringer
I like taking the nude for a journey. It’s like opening doors onto a different aspect of the human being. People wear clothes as some kind of disguise. You unclothe them and they’re a different person. It’s taken me to some strange places.
– Jan Nigro
I guess I’ve always been preoccupied with the nude. I found it easy enough to paint a conventional nude. But I wanted to look beyond the skin, at the social, sexual, cultural, or even psychological complexities.
– Jan Nigro
New Zealand has long been known for its predominance of landscape and it has occupied the working lives of many noted artists in this country whereas the nude hasn’t.
– John Andrew