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Hero image for Visual Symphonies - Otago

Visual Symphonies - Otago

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1991

Ginette McDonald's salt of the earth creation Lynn of Tawa toured New Zealand and Australia in this travel show. This time Lynn explores Otago culture  Scottish heritage, bad student art and niche sports  while offering the naughty innuendo and blunt comments audiences love her for. Lynn meets plenty of quirky locals: curlers, playwright Roger Hall, nature expert Peter Hayden, plus visiting American Leeza Gibbons. She even turns down Sam Neill. Lynn still reigns as McDonald's most famous role, and it's easy to see why — this warped travel show provides a great showcase for her effortless improvisation and charm.

The steepest street in the world — it's sort of like a metaphor for Otago... challenging, rugged, dramatic... and I can't imagine why anyone would want to live here.
– Lynn of Tawa (Ginette McDonald)