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We Gon Ride Dei Hamo, Music Video – 2003

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Director Chris Graham delivers five minutes of cars, comedy and eye candy in this slick who's who of the 2003 Kiwi scene. Featuring DJ Sir-Vere, VJ Jane Yee, ex sports star Matthew Ridge and Paul Holmes (well actually he was a no show — but his understudy made an appearance), the clip succeeded in planting a relatively unknown hip hop artist squarely on the front page. The result was the biggest selling Kiwi single of the year (it went platinum, and spent five weeks at number one). Named Best Video at the 2005 NZ Music Awards, it cost at least $50,000 to make. 

They had the entire crew rolling with laughter. At one stage I turned and saw them walking around with sliced oranges like it was half-time at a rugby match. To me that's very indicative of who they are — their gratitude and their generosity and their thoughtfulness.
– Director Chris Graham on filming with Dei Hamo and producer Chong-Nee, The NZ Herald, 5 March 2005