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When We Go to War - First Episode (excerpt)

Television (Excerpts) – 2015

This miniseries is built around the fortunes of the fictional Smith family during World War l. Directed by Peter Burger (Until Proven Innocent), the first episode is framed around a letter home by nurse Bea Smith (played by Westside's Esther Stephens). This 10 minute opening excerpt jumps from a war hospital in Egypt, back to trysts on the home front: an illicit romance at medical school, high times on Auckland's Grey Street, and a mysterious arrival at the family store. Funded by NZ On Air’s Platinum Fund, When We Go to War debuted on Anzac weekend in 2015. 

Believe me Cissy when I say it's true that war changes everything. What matters to me now is so very different to what I passionately believed just a few months ago.
– Bea (Ester Stephens) in a letter to her sister Cissy

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Esther Stephens

Esther Stephens

As: Bea Smith

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Peter Burger


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Robin Scholes


Generic Profile image for Teresa Woodham

Teresa Woodham

As: Sister Fletcher

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Dena Kennedy

As: Jenny

Generic Profile image for Leon Wadham

Leon Wadham

As: Guy Weatherstone

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