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Hero image for Winners & Losers: A Lawful Excuse

Winners & Losers: A Lawful Excuse

Television (Full Length) – 1976

I've got a few ideas. I could always capitalise on me investment with the breweries — they're holding a lot of money of mine.
– Mick (Ian Mune) to Charlie (Ivan Beavis) on how the pair could fund their new business venture
Listen: I've never told anybody this before, but I'm not supposed to be in here.
– Charlie (Ivan Beavis) to fellow prisoner Mick (Ian Mune)
All dialogue had to be invented, for the story contains no dialogue at all...
– Bill Lennox on this episode, in his book Film and Fiction - Studies of New Zealand fiction and film adaptations, page 2
I knew a fair bit about mushrooms, but Charlie was a real master at it.
– Barry Crump, in his original short story 'Lawful Excuse'
This performance informs us that New Zealand productions need no longer embarrass us, either here or overseas. In short we can do it! ... The key factor, I believe, in the success of this work is that they have been able to capture the spirit — the atmosphere — of the story...
– Author Barry Crump on A Great Day, in 1977 Department of Education booklet A Lawful Excuse - Shooting Script