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In the late 80s the creation of a new public park in central Wellington became an act of cross-cultural collaboration, and an infamous battlezone between artist, council and naysayers. Following positive feedback over her design, council staff decided that redevelopment of Pigeon Park (an old pa site) would be led by Māori artist Shona Rapira Davies. This doco follows the passionate, stroppy Rapira Davies, as she fights cost overruns, landscape architects and passersby, and for her vision (which involved handcrafting Te Aro park's 20,000+ ceramic tiles).

Credits (9)

 Pamela Meekings-Stewart
 Owen Ferrier-Kerr
 Cheryl Cameron

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 Henry Dickson

Henry Dickson

Great documentary. It really help me with my Architecture project and I have gained a lot of respect for Te Aro Park.

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If you people don’t come up with the money, and before the end of the month, we might as well call it quits as far as I’m concerned. 
[If] in the act of seeing something, seeing an artwork, you are moved, from here to there — [if you] take a leap in your own imagination, in your own self — then I’ve done my job. 
The Audit Office fielded complaints from ratepayers who mistakenly believed that their rates were being squandered. Its subsequent report, which put the final cost of the redevelopment at $825, 759, expressed concern about the way the project was managed. 


1993 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Soundtrack and/or Original Music: Jonathan Besser