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This documentary looks at the construction of a replica of the HMS Bounty, in Whangerei. The ship was commissioned to be built for a David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia) film of the famous mutiny. Fidelity to the original is paramount, except the 20th Century edition has a steel hull. Construction of the boat carries on regardless of uncertain fortunes of the film, as producer Dino De Laurentiis and David Lean part ways. The Lean film was ultimately unmade after financing faltered, but the boat went on to star in Kiwi director Roger Donaldson's film of the story.

Credits (12)

 Wayne Tourell
 Derek Wright
 Bill Saunders

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 Max Power

Max Power | website

I saw this ship in Sydney Harbor in 2004, and have a few photos of it. According to Wikipeida the ship is now in Hong Kong Harbor. In any case it is an interesting tourist attraction.


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We’re only ship builders, not filmmakers pal 
I relate to Lieutenant William Bligh. In many ways I understand the man’s impatience in trying to get this boat ready for the expedition. His first thought at all times was for the welfare and wellbeing of his crew. Not the hallmark of a tyrant at all. 
She responds well to the helm, she’s done all we’ve asked of her and done it very well ... what more could you want? 
To me the most remarkable part of the Bounty saga is the 3500 mile voyage in an open boat identical to this one. It’s hard to imagine a more difficult task of human survival than the 48 days that Bligh and his crew spent crowded together, exposed to elements and in constant danger of being swamped ...