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Barefoot Cinema looks at "the art and life" of Alun Bollinger, whom Peter Jackson calls "the finest lighting cameraman that the country has ever produced." Pork Pie, Vigil, Heavenly Creatures ... the path of the man known as 'AlBol' could be an industry growth chart. But the film is as much an affectionate account of the values and family of a "greenie good keen man", shaped around his four decades-long relationship with wife Helen. In this excerpt AlBol nails down iron in the rain at his West Coast home, and Jackson and he reflect on their collaborations. 

Credits (12)

 Alun Bollinger
 Gerard Smyth

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 The Peter Jackson Collection


Of course, we’ve never heard much about him, which made this documentary a delight and a useful, understated slice of cultural history 
I am not really a film buff, I have never read a book on filmmaking. 
He’s calm, he’s relaxed, he doesn’t wear shoes ... what more could you want? 
The film gives us a compact history of the Kiwi cinema that AlBol was instrumental in inventing. But it is pre-eminently a portrait of a uniquely New Zealand archetype — the greenie, good, keen man ... 


2009 Qantas Film and Television Awards
Nominated for Best Director, Documentary: Gerard Smyth