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With a chorus to do any football terrace proud, the final single from Th’ Dudes (featuring Dave Dobbyn, Peter Urlich and Ian Morris) has become one of the great Kiwi drinking songs — though it was written in Sydney to parody hard-drinking pub crowds, and the lyrics namecheck local landmarks (The Coogee, The Cross) and luxuries unavailable back in NZ (Spanish shoes, falafel). The video, shot in the booze-barn like Cricketers’ Arms in Wellington, captures the raw essence of the song as it showcases the excitement of the band’s live show, and offers a snapshot of bar culture in early 80s New Zealand.

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Steinlager Blue - oh the conversations we used to have

 Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Brings back all the memories growing up in Auckland...80`s pub culture..great times..



used to live in NZ in the 80's and played this constantly

 Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson

This song reminded me of 'Hurry Up Harry' by Sham 69 (UK punk band).

 Maggie Grove

Maggie Grove

love it, great song, i want to preform this song for school asessment of solo performers

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 Tony Holden
 Peter Read

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