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Through candid interviews and rare archival footage Children of the Migration tells the stories of the Pacific Island immigrants who came to New Zealand from the 1950s - 1980s and changed the cultural landscape of Aotearoa. Presented by David Sa'ena and actor Vela Manusaute, this humorous and moving documentary includes interviews with All Black Tana Umaga, boxer David Tua, actress Teuila Blakely, hip hop artist King Kapisi and poet Tusiata Avia. Directed by Fijian European Lala Rolls.

Credits (14)

 Lala Rolls
 Chris Ellis
 Michelle Turner

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 Cambria Smith

Cambria Smith

I understood how Oscar Kightley felt when he said that New Zealand was "the land of milk and honey and the land of opportunity". I could see why people like him from Samoa see New Zealand as an "adventure". I think it sounds like a great deal that most of the Samoan High School students receive scholarships upon graduation. But New Zealand's need for 'cheap labor' seems to me to be the motive in this mass 'resettlement' of Samoans that has been going on for a long time. It must be easy for some to take advantage of them. I can see that the long work hours are a source of great stress, especially compared to the life in Samoa, which is a huge contrast.
They have been misunderstood by even the teachers as being 'stupid' sometimes, just because they may not speak English or ask questions. Now I know that it is all too easy for even teachers to stereotype others through a misunderstanding of cultural differences in behavior. The love and bond they retain as Samoans for their families and culture, no matter if born there or not, shows me they are a brave and loyal people and everyone should stop and learn about them before they stereotype them.
Great job at educating the world more about Samoans through the stories of these young men. Thanks guys for sharing so much in this film! You are brave.

 Isa Saluni Makisi

Isa Saluni Makisi

Great documentary and can relate to some of the stories told. I think what was missing is how important the church is to most islanders, it was a vital cog in our lives, part of the community and our upbringing. It was a haven for island parents who didn't have the luxury of going off to school each day like us kids. You could write a book about my upbringing in NZ but that's another story lol!



I wonder if large number of Tokelauans or other Pacific islanders are still migrating to NZ!

 Talamarysina Tautua

Talamarysina Tautua

Amazing documentary because i can definetly relate to having to migrate from Samoa to New Zealand. A truly great documentary and some great stories that people can tell their children on how they migrate from the islands or simply from other countries. Also on the journey to getting to the destination that you hear people from your country would call 'paradise'. I think that migrating to New Zealand is definetly one of those emotional type things having to leave your life in the islands but overall its all worth it leaving that laid back life for something greater and something that will help you achieve better lifestyle for your family so where interesting stories on how some of the celebrities were raised.

 Liai Lefale Burns

Liai Lefale Burns

In parts it was an emotional account of emigrating to NZ, but to me, it lacked the essence and heart of what it felt like as an immigrant like myself who came from Samoa in 1962 as a five year old; I couldn't really connect to the stories told by more recent immigrants/children of immigrants. Your documentary did not capture the essence and heart of the community of the early migration of Pacific Islanders; particularly in Auckland. I appreciate that you had limited time and perhaps resources to make this happen. Fa'afetai lava mo le avanoa

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 Island Productions Aotearoa


 Island Productions Aotearoa


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