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Michelle Turner

Producer, Production Manager

Michelle Turner has worked on everything from splatter classic Braindead to Bread & Roses. Her CV covers a wide range of behind the scenes roles, from production manager to producer. In 2001 she produced her first feature Stickmen. The tale of friends who enter an underground pool contest sold to more than 20 countries. Then she joined the producing team on London-set romance Bollywood Queen. Turner was a producer on documentary Children of the Migration and TV drama The Lost Children. She has also worked on the Fijian shoot for Tom Hanks hit Cast Away, and in sales for the NZ Film Commission.

On Stickmen we had a very tight budget and a lot of speaking roles, so we cast Nick Ward the writer in one of the small roles — plus he rewrote the script, to save us from having to shoot a whole lot of driving scenes. This sort of creative collaboration is one of the joys of being a producer. In fact his role was as the prostitute's customer so it was very entertaining to watch. Michelle Turner on producing 2001 movie Stickmen