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Set in a small New Zealand town, Closer is the story of a deaf teenage boy trying to come to terms with the death of his older sister. An emotionally locked-down father who has limited knowledge of sign language compounds his struggle. Written and directed by David Rittey (We The Living), and co-written by poet Therese Lloyd, Closer is a moving portrayal of the power and complexity of silence. Closer won Best Short Film and Best Performance at the 2005 NZ Screen Awards and was selected in competition at Cannes in 2004.

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 David Rittey
 Amanda Jenkins
 Therese Lloyd

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Beautiful and touching short story. How old do you think (or know) Liz is? (Rachel's best friend).

 The Doctor

The Doctor

Mr Potts, I think you want too much in the way of "happening", and are missing the point. It's not about plot. It's about the boy — all you need to know is that he feels like he has nobody to turn to, and those around him can only help in a limited way.

But despite that, his dad is there for him, in the end. That's what this is about. :-)



wow that was sad, beautiful and thought provoking.

 Mr. Potts

Mr. Potts

That was a little to slow for me :/ there were so many places the story could have gone but it didn't seem to go anywhere. I thought that maybe his sisters death could have been the deaf kids fault because he couldn't hear her drowning, that would have made the story line much much better.

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I like to use dialogue sparingly… for me, I like to tell the story through the images, and through cutting – through what people are doing rather than what they're saying. I don't like a lot of exposition. I like to keep it sort of mysterious. 
It was just incredible sitting in a cinema with my film up on the big screen at the Cannes Film Festival. I had to kind of pinch myself. 


2004 Cannes Film Festival
In Competition: Nominated for Palme d'Or for Best Short Film

2005 NZ Screen Awards
Best Short Film
Best Performance (Michael Lawrence)

Festivals include
2004 NZ Film Festival, 2004 Melbourne International Film Festival, 2004 Sao Paulo Film Festival (Brazil), 2004 Palm Springs Film Festival (United States)