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Series Synopsis

The iconic all-things-rural show is the longest running programme on New Zealand television. With its typical patient observational style (that allows stories of people and the land to gently unfold) it’s an unlikely broadcasting star, but New Zealanders continue, after more than 40 years, to tune in. Amongst the bucolic tales of farming, fishing and forestry, there are high country musters, floods, organic brewing, falconry, tobacco farming, as well as a fencing wire-playing farmer-musician, a radio-controlled dog, and Fred Dagg and the Trevs.


Series Notes

This is the series overview page, here you can find which episodes or clips are available on NZ On Screen.


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2007 Qantas Television Awards
Nominated for Best Camera - Factual: for Country Calendar, 'Autumn Muster' episode

2007 Air New Zealand Screen Awards
Achievement in Camerawork, Documentary - TV, for 'Cray Coast' episode: Peter Young

2005 Qantas Television Awards
Best Camera - Factual: Peter Young

2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Factual Programming/Entertainment

2002 TV Guide New Zealand Television Awards
Best Factual Series
Camera - Non-Drama: Peter Young

2000 TV Guide Television Awards
Atlab New Zealand Best Camera - 'Yankee Harvest': Peter Young

1993 GOFTA Awards
Air New Zealand Best Factual Series

1980, 1981, 1982, 1983 New Zealand Feltex Awards
Best Information

1977 New Zealand Feltex Awards
Best Specialty

1975 New Zealand Feltex Awards
First Series Awards