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This documentary chronicles a shameful passage in NZ race relations: the controversial mid-70s raids on the homes of alleged Pacific Island overstayers. Director Damon Fepulea’i examines its origins in Pacific Island immigration during full employment in the 1960s when officialdom turned a blind eye to visa restrictions. As times got tougher, that policy changed and also led to random street stopping by police — before resistance by activists and media questioning helped to end a policy which has had a long term effect on the Pacific Island community.

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 Damon Fepulea'i
 Rachel Jean
 Tarx Morrison

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 Mele P

Mele P

Hi Ana V, its mele your cousin HAHAHAHAHAHA

 Ana V

Ana V

I found this really fascinating. Doing this for history right now in year 12 and it amazes me to know the struggle polynesians had endured back then.Very happy to see the humble responses that the island people replied with. So glad that we're overcome this dark time hoping that we can now appreciate our diversity factory workers and cleaners. :)

 ofa momo

ofa momo

i really like this very sad how they are being treated like that,, when will this ever finish.... people wants to live in peace and to enjoy their life in a wonderful place,,cumon guys let stand for what is right and let never back down,,violent should not happen!!



dawn raid is a sad video+it sad how they treat each other like tht :) everyone jut stop with the violent okay treat people like how people use to treat there children okay be happy and stay strong :D :D yolo+yodo you only live once

 elizabeth is boss!!

elizabeth is boss!!

i love dis video help me learn different thing and help me thou m school and stuff :D people stop with dah violent okay people :) peace out yoooo

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Very much was made of the word 'dawn raids'. Just remember - these young fellows were working in the freezing works, heading off to work at 5 or 6 in the morning. They were on long shifts and that was the only time we could get them. 
The dawn raids were shameful because, in essence, they set out to pick up anyone who didn’t look like a pakeha or palangi New Zealander. They swooped on on people who were Maori, they swooped on many Pasifika people who had absolutely lawful residence in New Zealand. 
It was a painful time to be a Pacific Islander in New Zealand I don't think it's something we should hide from.